5 Adventure Things to Do in Noida

Adventure Things to Do in Noida

Planned cities always look very beautiful to visit as well as life. Noida is a planned city situated in Uttar Pradesh, the northern state of India. Noida also comes under Delhi NCR (National Capital Region). Noida is a very popular North Indian city where people love to live because of its high cultural and elegant Living Style.

Apart from that this place has a very good capability to attract visitors as there are several tourist places in Noida. Not only for tourist places is this city also appreciated by youth because of its adventurous activities. In this discussion, we will look at the five topmost Adventures you can do in Noida.

1. Experience the exciting Flydining in Noida –

Do you know what Flydining is? This is a new concept in India. Whenever you visit Delhi or Noida for any professional or personal purpose, don’t miss the fly dining experience because they’re very few places in India where you can get the opportunity to experience it. After hearing this concept, we are sure that you will be enthusiastic when you reach Noida and get this experience.

Of course, it will be a lifetime experience for the visitors. So next time when you visit Delhi or Noida, please enlist your name in this special type of dining idea. It will perfectly be a delightful experience for every guest, so that we are mentioning this at the top of the list.

Why is Flydining at the top place on our list?

There are several good reasons why it comes on the top priority while exploring Noida. Most people have a common interest in visiting and experiencing new and unique places. It is probably the first reason for having a meal at Flydining in Noida. Additional reasons are here:-

  • You can spend some fearless time here.
  • It is an opportunity to become a member of an elegant club.
  • You are allowed to through the most unique and loveliest party here.
  • Don’t hesitate about thinking the safety; it is free from any danger. Though we suggest avoiding it, you have height phobia or other severe health issues.
Source: www.flydinig.com/noida

2. Have a walk at Okhla Bird Sanctuary –

Okhla Bird Sanctuary is one of the main tourist attractions in Noida. If you are visiting Noida with your family and kids, we suggest visiting Okhla bird sanctuary for once. It will be a great visit for your kids, and the matures. The Bird Sanctuary is situated by the sight of the Yamuna River.

You will witness a lot of types of Birds in this Sanctuary if you are visiting it in winter. You can also go to this place very easily by taking the metro in the Magenta line. The nearest metro station is the Okhla Bird Sanctuary metro station. It is in our list in third place.

Source: www.google.com

3. Enjoy a day at Worlds of Wonder –

The amusement park is exciting. Especially for the children and young people prefer to visit amusement park for enjoyment and relaxation. In Noida Sector 38A, there is a great amusement park named Worlds of Wonder. The city people often visit this place for finding some enjoyment.

So if you were visiting Noida, plan a day here for fun and enjoyment with your family and children. The park is also included with the water area where you can enjoy the water rides. It is for sure must visit place in Noida. That’s why it has a place on our list.

Source: www.google.com

4. Have a Gondola ride in Venice Mall, Noida –

Malls are often boring places for men and the most interesting places for women. But in Noida, you can visit the Grand Venice Mall that will be an interesting place for both men and women. Especially your children will enjoy it if you visit this small and take a ride on Gondola. It is a mall which is themed on Italian culture.

So that there you will get the opportunity to write on a Gondola that almost covers the major area of the mall by an artificial river made in the mall. It is certainly a unique concept you will experience in very few places. And the good part is you are not going to Venice for such a lovely Gondola ride. You can have it in Noida now. For this reason, the Grand Venice Mall makes a place on our list.

Source: www.google.com

5. Take participation in Golf at Noida Golf Course –

There is no doubt that golf is a Royal game. Even when you are not aware of how to play this game, you will enjoy it at the golf course in Noida. For this reason, people who are visiting Noida frequently are interested in visiting Noida Golf Course.

Not only for the game, but you can also go there for excellent food and an overall experience beyond explanation. So that the golf horse of Noida comes at number one in our list.

Source: www.google.com

Conclusion –

We are intended to make you interested in visiting Noida. Many people come to this place for business or professional purposes every day. They usually attend boring meetings and spend the time relaxing in the hotel rooms before their flight. Because they are not ever about the adventurous activities of Noida, they can easily take apart. The above discussion will be a good help for them to enjoy their off time in Noida.

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